6 Tips for Keeping Your Heart Healthy, And Fast Loss Weight


1. Stop Smoking

smoking has been shown to be one of the largest risk factors in heart disease. That has long been a proven fact. It's the crazy toxic chemicals that they put in cigarettes that contribute to heart disease. Besides that, smoking is starting to become one of those taboo things thanks to the shift in society attitudes. So why even keep doing it?

Walk. and then go for another walk

If finding time for a regular exercise program is just too much of a challenge right now, just start by walking. I have known many people who have strengthened their heart and reversed some of their conditions by getting outside and walking. Fresh air, and a nice walk through a scenic route is a great way to strengthen the heart.

3. Do not go on a low-fat diet

One of the misconceptions of fats and your diet, is that some people think that going on a reduced low-fat diet is the only way to go. Your heart condition may get worse if you do this. Yes, you need to drop the bad fats (like hydrogenated oil and the oil in French fries and donuts) and eat more healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, salmon. These are the good fats that your body requires. Basically just remember, fast food french fries are bad, salmon cooked with some olive oil is good.

4. Do not Stress the little things.

Demands on us are now at an all time high, work family, deadlines, you name it we all stress about it. If you are stressed out in a bad way all the time, nothing you eat no matter how healthy is going to make a difference in your overall health. I truly believe that negative stress has a direct impact on your heart health and possibly a factor in cancer development. Calm down, breathe deeply and try to find a positive way to deal with stress levels. Positive stress is good for you.

5. Do not fear all saturated fats

Saturated fats is not the main factor causing heart disease. what is causing heart disease is much more sinister.

processed foods, sugars and way too much carbohydrates is what making people so sick. Again, the big misconception in dieting is the whole scheduled fats issue and people forget that our processed foods we buy all the time are loaded with sugar, and other long named chemical preservatives that are really the bad stuff that you need to cut down on.

6. Reduce alcohol intake

Having a nice glass or two of wine a day or a beer is actually a good thing for you according to some recent studies. Having six glasses of wine or beer a day is not so good. Like any other drug, you build a tolerance to alcohol's effects and then you feel like you need more. This type of constant drinking daily is not good for your heart or your liver. Moderate drinking without the intention to get plastered each time is ok. All you need to do is keep it from becoming habitual. If you wish to drink everyday, which I do not advocate, at least limit it to one drink to be on the safe side.

By following these tips, this is a great way to prolong your life and reduce your risk of heart disease, also you should always consult your own doctor about any issues you have and that way way you can safely and effectively get to a better health level for yourself.

Source by Jack Desssery


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