A Reliable Guide to Busting Web Hosting Traps


All types of websites from personal to professional e-commerce ones, need hosting services to publish the sites online. There are countless web hosting service providers out in the market making it all the more difficult for customers to select the genuine ones.

Most of the web hosts are good in contracting sweeping and bombastic claims under the garb of loud advertising. Web hosting companies' sales team will never think twice while selling you hosting plans making all sorts of naïve, unfounded commitments. Customers typically are quick to fall into such sales and advertising traps. What they get is a poorly hosted website or service which hardly gives 24/7 uptime and visibility to their online identities.

This article is an attempt to help you read the fine print and what is hidden between the lines.

There are a number of way in which hosting companies try to trick customers some of which are profiled here.

Unlimited Space or Bandwidth Claim – No hosting company can ever think of offering unlimited space or bandwidth to its customers. Almost all the web hosting companies and their allied technologies are limited in nature on bandwidth / hard disk space counts so making an unlimited offer to a customer is nothing more than an advertising trick. However, a closed and searching analysis of the Service Level Agreements and terms of service will tell you that the Bandwidth and Space are actually limited. You would find, for instance, such clauses like "excessive CPU usage will be grounds for terminating your account" etc.

Genuine Contact Information Missing – If you carefully check through various web hosting companies, you'll be shocked to find that most of them have really left no traceable information to contact them! All you get is a Submit Form and you are not even allowed one genuine email address to send your concerns. Slightly better hosts try and provide telephone numbers which are again toll free means you are not sure the destination you are calling. This is strictly a way to ignore direct communication with customers and keep no truck once the sale is cut. So stay off such hosts.

Domain Registration Trap – There are a couple of wily and shady web hosts that offer to register a domain for you but in effect do so legally in their own name! The reason is plain to the expert- you can not ever think of moving your domain to some other hosting vendor that can give better service.

Long-range Contracts Trap – You'll notice that if a hosting plan comes cheap, it is only available as an annual option. Also you find that some low quality hosts would only provide Annual Only Subscriptions. Here actually what you may worry about is that once having paid for 12 months in advance, you can expect no guarantee of getting hosting support for a year!

Money Back Guarantee Is a Must – Before signing on to web hosting company, make sure that they offer you an unconditional money back guarantee through a proper contract.

Uptime Guarantee Trap – There are quite a few companies that erect very complicated terms of services to safeguard their interests ignoring the welfare of end user. You might find this happening in case of service uptimes with such clauses like enduser must report immediately any downtime without delay. Understand such hosts and stay off from them.

If you are aware of upcoming hosting booby-traps out here, chances are maximum that you'll be able to steer yourself clear from dubious once-in-a-lifetime offers. Better hosting times ahead!

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