Aqua Exercises for Weight Loss


Aqua exercises is a lot of fun and at the same time reduces weight without causing much joint or muscle pain. Of late these exercises have become quite popular due to its utility and ease. There are a variety of people who have benefited from aqua exercises these include people who are overweight, people who have joint pains and those who suffer from arthritis, it has also been beneficial for pregnant women and few aged people who are disabled and move in wheel chairs.

The very common advantages of aqua exercises are first you do not sweat, and as you move inside water its natural resistance would force you to make a movement which is an exercise in itself. The deeper the water, the more successful the weight loss exercise. Those who do water aerobics experience less stress on their joints. These exercises also build up stupina and strength.

If we compare aqua exercise with those done in a gym or elsewhere, we will notice that the calories burnt in aqua exercises are more. Therefore, it is an excellent way of reducing fat in the shortest possible time. Simple techniques include walking from one side of the pool to another. The higher the intensity of walking, the more fat you tend to burn. Submerging your body in water, then stretching the arms sideways and finally carrying them close to one another is also a good exercise to burn those calories. For the abdomen, stand in the water with your feet apart and then try bringing them closer. One more way is to stand upright on your feet and then bend the knees in such a way that they can come up to the surface of the water and then return to the initial position.

People are trying aqua exercises for weight loss and they are definitely worth doing.

Source by Kum Martin


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