Are The Web Sites You Trust Really Safe?


Now many of you think, that if you load a web site once, you load it twice, when you load it the third time and so on, it is a safe web site. There are also some security software options, and even browser options to add a web site to the so called "safe list", which would mean anything from it will be trusted from then on.

I always thought that also, but strangely after uncoiling some tracks, and finding some resources, I found out that is not really true. But what does this have to do with Internet Marketing? Well …

As we all know, Google AdSense is a very popular advertising tool, probably the most, and the nice thing about it, is that you can get paid per click, which means the more people click on the ads displayed on your web site, the more money you make.

Abusing the service is pretty hard normally, because they catch on very fast, and will ban you from using it. Many people have tried this, in hope to make some easy money, by clicking on the ads displayed on their web sites, or asking their friends to do it.

That is not new, what is new is, that some very clever individuals use another method, to get clicks, and it is extremely hard to detect the abuse. The method does the following:

Web hosting companies, usually have many domains on one computer, a Linux server, on which all the web site content is located, it depends now on how big the company is, as how many domains you can find on a machine. It could be from 10, to 10,000 or even more. These machines, as all computers on the Internet, some times have security flaws, and these flaws are exploited by hackers, and then sold.

After being sold to the right people, a Trojan is also bought by them. This little piece of software is sold in the Underground from $ 600 to $ 1000, or even more. What it does is, infect the unsuspecting people computer, and start clicking from time to time, on Google ads. This is done randomly, and at different time intervals, so nothing will look suspicious.

After buying these two items, a special code is placed in the software of the exploited machine, or in each of the headers of the domains that are on it. What this code does, is download the Trojan, and install it. This will provide clicks on different ads, from normal people, without them knowing about it.

So basically, even if you loaded a domain for 1 year, you can not consider it safe. Relying on an anti-virus or anti spyware tool is not a solution either, because anti-virus updates are also offered from the Trojan merchants, so it will be undetectable.

The best way to protect yourself, is to run a root-kit scan on your computer, using what I think is the best root-kit scanner for Windows:

It is free, and very useful in such cases. Think good before loading another web site you think is safe again.

Source by George Has


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