Best Exercises For Losing Weight


What are the best exercises for losing weight? This short article will give you a couple examples for what I believe to be the best exercises for losing weight from my days as a physical trainer (early 90s). The machines these days have changed a lot, but the exercises are basically the same. The following article will give you the top three exercises that I, and my fellow physical trainer, thought to be the best exercises for losing weight.

I believe, by far, the most effective way to lose weight by exercising in using an elliptical machine. This exercise will not only increase your metabolism, burn calories, and help you lose weight … it is also excellent for your joints and muscles. The problem with running is that it is not great on your ankles, knees, and other lower joints. Running is a great way to burn calories and increase your metabolism, but the negative effects of the harsh conditions it puts on your body negate the value of the exercise. This is why I find running / jogging on an elliptical to be one of the best exercises for losing weight. I find that even people that have not worked out in years can get on an elliptical and go 10-20 minutes in their first round. This can burn over 300 calories easily. A great machine and a great way to burn calories.

Walking … YES, WALKING. In my years of training, I have found that walking can be excellent and very beneficial way to lose weight. Second only to the elliptical, walking increases your metabolism, improves your cardiovascular system, and burns unwanted calories. Walking is second on my list of exercises for losing weight and it should be on yours! Walking is easy … its not hard on your joints … and can be done at almost any age. The average human walks about 3 miles per hour … at a normal pace. If you increase this to only 4 mph (which is 1 mile every fifteen minutes), you can burn over 400 calories in an hour. This is one of the EASIEST ways to burn calories and lose weight.

In my years of being a physical trainer at one of the top fitness centers in the US, I have seen people in the gym wasting hours and hours doing the wrong exercises for them. Why waste time … do it right the first time and meet your goals faster.

Source by Robert Crawley


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