Beware of Web Hosting Review Websites


When you are searching for the best web hosting provider it is important to finding a good one. After you have your website up and running and find out you are not happy with your host, it can be cost to switch to another provider. This is especially true if your website is using at least one database. In order to avoid a costly mistake, it is important to shop around and make a web hosting comparison before you commit to any one company. One way consumers make this comparison is by visiting "Web Hosting Review Websites".

Visiting a review site is a must, but before you do there are some things you must know:

  • A high percentage of web hosting review websites are owned by a hosting company and recommend themselves as the best hosting provider. These are the same sites you will usually find on the first page of the search results since they have mass amount of resources, and capital to promote themselves.
  • Web hosting review sites typically are getting paid from the hosting provider via affiliate links. In other words they are being paid for each sale. Although there is nothing wrong with meeting a commission, most webmasters place a top ten list on their sites without having any prior experience with those companies. In other words it is like the blind leading the blind, except you will be the one who may end up paying for it!
  • A number one rule, is never take the advise of a lone webmaster. Use a web hosting reviews website that has user reviews. Look at the writing styles in the user reviews, because a webmaster can fudge those as well. A webmaster who is writing his / her own reviews will look repetitive and unnatural.
  • A webmaster who has actually taken the time and tested the provider, will have more to post on his web hosting reviews website other than just the specs of the hosting packages and will have something personal to share with the readers about his experience.
  • I have been reviewing different web providers since 2004. In that time I have personally tested fifteen companies. I have visited several of the "so called" best web hosting review websites. The one thing that bugs me really bad, is when I see web providers that are horrible on their top ten lists. That is why I put together the website in the signature below. When you are looking for hosting, be very careful. People do not care as long as they can make a buck or two off the innocent. Do not become a victim, educate yourself to make the best decision possible and save yourself time, money and future headaches in the process.

    Source by Edwin Waters


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