Cheap Web Hosting – How to Select the Right Web Hosting Provider


So, what is cheap web hosting?

Finding a quality service provider that is cheap is a tedious task. For some users, the one big downside of having an unmanaged dedicated host
is that you must be your own server administrator.

These hosting services are with cheap rates. So, what things that should be keep in mind while
looking for cheap web hosting services?

a. First, check company's background and verify that either the hosting company is reputable or not.
Be sure the hosting service provider offers as much disk space as you want.

b. Disk Space Consideration & Features

How much hosting disk space your site takes in order to compare service provider's plans. Most people on shared servers
will not have access to a command line to be able to use the chmod command. Make sure that you know your needs
before you start looking for your web host. In general, a disk space with 500 MB to 1000 MB should be enough to meet your hosting requirement.

c. Other Services to Consider

Even an inexpensive web-hosting provider can offer domain registration or doamin renewal as part of their hosting package.
Some, will actually register your good domain in their name. This way, they locked you into service with them as
switching web hosting providers now means losing your domain name. Be careful. A host that supports databases is
normally a must have feature

d. Traffic Generation

If you found the traffic to your site has increased over the specified bandwidth limit, you should select a higher hosting plan.
Bandwidth refers to the amount of data (pages, files) served from your website to your customers, if your website will be subject
to high traffic, you will need to take the amount of bandwidth the host provides.

Before you decide on a web hosting plan, be sure to check this:

– What is the monthly data transfer / bandwidth allowed?

– Are you able to upgrade / add on your bandwidth?

– Will you be charged if your website exceeds its limit?

Any, look for ones with good reputations or just email them and compare their quickly results from different places. The question you
should ask an existing customer is; "how reliable is the host?".

No Contact Information: If you can not find on their website at least one way email address, query ticket,
phone number get in touch with the hosting provider you are considering, stop considering them. Also send
technical support an email to test how long it takes to receive a response. You should always search for a web hosting
provider that offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technical support

Always choose a hosting provider that meets your expectations and with what you feel comfortable with. Does your web hosting provider offer a guarantee
of discounts for each hour that your web site is down from their servers. Ask as many questions as you can,
see how the different hosts differ in their answers. But if you really have a serious website, and want to run a successful
business you can not do it without using a dedicated server.

Source by David Hay


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