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I think I have discovered a new oxymoron which is “easy weight loss”. I will be the first to profess that weight loss is not an easy thing, unless you are one of those blessed people that can eat whatever they want, whenever they want to, and never suffer the consequences from it. I love cookies and I love soda pop, and if I eat one of those, I am paying for it in exercises for the rest of the week. Just imagine if they came up with a soda pop cookie, I would need liposuction on a monthly basis.

Back to the subject at hand, which is not my eating issues, but the concept of easy weight loss. I know that for the grand majority of us, maintaining our weight is hard enough, not to mention to lose weight. But there truly are some simple concepts for us to incorporate into our daily routine that can help us along the path of weight loss.

First, develop a plan. I am a very visual person and I need to see my goals laid out before me so that I have an absolute direction. I believe this can apply to all of us in one degree or another. Think of it this way, if you have a goal of losing 20 pounds, you may not even begin the process because the goal just seems so unachievable. But if you give yourself miniature goals to reach such as, one pound lost this week, the twenty pounds seems a little reasonable.

Part of the plan should consist of eating schedules and monitoring along with a solid exercise routine on a regular basis. The whole idea with this is that you need to be aware of the amount of calories that you are taking in on a daily basis and how many you are expending. As long as you are expending more than you consume, then there is a good chance that you are losing weight.

Source by Josh Berra


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