FatCow Reviews – Here is How I Review FatCow


Who is that Cow?

FatCow is a web hosting provider who has strong presence in the industry. Incorporated in year 1998, FatCow has over 10 years experience in the hosting business. That makes them one of the oldest hosting available nowdays. For your information FatCow emphasizes in simplicity very much. This is because they offer only one hosting plan at one pricing without confusing the customers. Well, at least people can understand clearly on how their pricing system works without worrying for hidden cost.

Why FatCow?
Obviously, I am biased to FatCow hosting for the fact that they have the quality any websites should posses. What are the qualities I mean here? They are: –

  • Uptime performance
  • Customer support
  • Hosting Features
  • Pricing

FatCow has clearly achieved A + for all the criteria mentioned above. It is definitely a great hosting. My statement sound catchy does not it? You do not need to take all my words but I will show you why I am so confident about it. What I want to show you is a very easy way to justify my statement.

FatCow Performance
I really understand it is difficult to conclude on the performance of a hosting without first using it. But it will be too late if you only find out the hosting sucks after singing up with them. So here is an easy way on how I check on FatCow.

Read hosting review. Check on what their existing customers say about their performance. How are they doing? Well performing? From my research, FatCow has mostly the good words. People claim to have good experience with them. So can we conclude about their performance now? Not yet! Not until you check on their hate words and hate pages.

Trust me. Somehow or rather there are sure 1 or 2 bad words on a hosting because web hosting is a servicing product where not everyone will be pleased. So I did check on their hate pages. Guess what? There are very little or none hate pages available! Surprised? They are in the service for 10 over years and does not have a single hate page? Ponder. Is FatCow a good host? I think so.

Again do not take my words easily. You should do the same research which I have done to check on it. Google "fatcow reviews" for the customer reviews and Google "fatcow sucks" for the hate pages. What do you see?

Source by Daren S.


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