Fighting Acne Safely and Naturally


The majority of us have been there…acne on our faces through our teen years, diminishing in our twenties and hopefully completely gone before we roller skate into our thirties. That’s not always the case and the battle against acne continues.

Not only can fighting acne be incredibly expensive, in some of the worst cases it can be emotionally debilitating as well. Teens and adults become self conscious over break outs. Prescription medications can cause sensitivity and are sometimes painful. What alternatives are available?

Following are three simple remedies you can try at home:

  • Tickled Pink Pepto Bismol Facial Mask: This mask is well suited for sensitive skin types. Just as Pepto Bismol coats and soothes the stomach, so too does it calm the skin. Using a cotton ball, dab it in the Pepto Bismol, then smooth over the face. Allow this to dry and simply rinse clean with cool water. Try a small area first to make certain there won’t be any sensitivities or reactions.
  • Kaopectate Facial Mask: Of the three masks listed, this is my favorite. Kaolin Clay is one of the ingredients you will find in Kaopectate. It’s also what high end day spas use for expensive facial masks. Pour a small amount of Kaopectate onto a cotton ball, dab on the face and allow to dry. Follow up by rinsing with cool water. I would recommend you try only a very small area initially to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive or develop a reaction.
  • Milk of Magnesium Facial Mask : It’s amazing how a simple bottle of Milk of Magnesium can benefit the complexion. Milk of Magnesium is actually a liquid form of magnesium, is derived from the earth, and is reputed to have natural disinfectant qualities. Through experimentation I’ve discovered it’s wonderful abilities to absorb facial oils without drying the skin. Simply take a bottle of Milk Of Magnesium and pour some onto a cotton ball. Dab the affected areas on the face and allow to dry. Follow by rinsing with cool water. It is recommended you try only a very small area initially and then, if your skin doesn’t have any adverse reactions, continue with the rest of the face.

Before you throw your hands up in despair, try one of the above simple remedies. The relief from acne may far outweigh the minimal cost of any of these recipes.

Source by Jeannie Palmer


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