Free Hosting Has Limits But No Financial Risk


If you have ever considered building your own website but the costs of hosting and / or registering domains has stopped your plans, free hosting may be a great solution to help you get started with online business. Although free hosts have more limitations and generally offer fewer resources and site options, they can still be used to publish commercial content to the internet. With sufficient traffic and the right mix of ads, websites built on free hosting platforms can earn income without ever risking money in up front expenses.

Free hosting has been around for a long time, and generally it is supported by advertisements and brand recognition. While the original no-cost hosts only provided very basic page templates, some of the current offers range from fully functional blogs to complete PHP hosting. Even though there are still limits to what each provider offers, there are enough programs out there that you can probably find one that fits your writing style.

Another advantage and cost savings available with free hosting is the price of annual domain registrations. Each website on the internet needs a name ending with a .com or .net or .biz so that surfers and browsers know how to find it, but many free hosts allow publishers to use a sub-domain or folder of their own address. While the domain name registration only costs a few dollars a month, it is just one less thing you would need to worry about pulling the credit card out for.

Of course, if you do not own the rights to your domain and you do not have enough server resources to handle large traffic, you're probably missing out on the full value potential of your online work. Yet there is good news here too: If you do find success with a website built on free hosting services, you can always transfer that data to your own paid hosting account and your own private domain. Just because you start out on a free host does not mean you're stuck there forever.

So stop thinking about excuses or worrying about money – find a free web host and start publishing today!

Source by John Mcdonald


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