FTP Online File Sharing Versus Email File Sharing – What's Better For Your Business?


As more and more small businesses and people in general are getting connected (gaining Internet access) every day, the sharing of large files via the Internet is becoming a problem for them.

Most businesses and individuals think they can share their engineering drawings, images, videos, music files, and other computer files with their clients, co-workers, and friends by simply attaching them to an email and clicking the send button.

Not true!

The Problem: Most individuals and small businesses do not have their own personal website with a personalized email address. To get by at a minimum cost, they typically subscribe to free email accounts such as those provided by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

The problem is that the free email accounts have limits on the size of email attachments that can be sent and / or received. In addition, they also have restrictions on the total amount of online storage space they make available.

The Solution: A lot of people have found the benefits of FTP Site Hosting as a cost effective way to avoid the age-old problem of sending large files via email.

Online FTP Site Hosting provides users with a lot of benefits including:

  1. It's one of the fastest ways to transfer files via the Internet!
  2. It's a secure online solution!
  3. It provides an unlimited storage capacity!
  4. You can store an unlimited number of files!
  5. Access to all online files and folders is password protected!
  6. You get shared passwords for employees, vendors, friends and family members!
  7. Anyone can access files anywhere, from any computer!
  8. The cost for online storage is extremely low!

If you're one of the many businesses or individuals that is having problems transfering your large files via conventional email, try out a FTP Site Hosting service. The benefits greatly outweigh the minimal monthly cost.

Worried about the cost of an FTP Site? Do not! To keep things in perspective, for less than $ 12.00 per month you can get 600MB of online storage with no limitation of transfers.

What is 600MB of storage equal to? It's an online storage space capable of holding over 545 digital images, 460 MP3 songs, or over 14,000 MS word documents. It's a lot of storage. Another benefit of an FTP Site is that the storage can be increased at any time as your need for more storage increases.

Source by Joe Goldrich


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