Home Truths About How to Lose Weight (Part 1)


First of all I want to let you, the reader, know something very significant. My weight loss program is not based on idle speculation, or some fads culled from a book, or the Internet, or wherever. It stems from personal experience, and driving the hard yards. Any knowledge I have in this matter is empirical, it is tried and tested; furthermore it is less a weight loss program, and more a rough guide to weight loss.

You see I gave up years ago trying to follow a weight loss "formula". There are formulas, and I daresay they work, but I am much more interested in a way of life. I personally believe that I have a responsibility to my body that is continuous; it is not something that occurs for a week, or a month, or 6 weeks, it is a constant responsibility. There is no point in my punishing myself for 3 days by attrition of some sort, and then hitting the cake trolley for an hour of gorging. That is not percentage body care. That means I've had a 98% effort quotient, ie 72 out of 73 hours I've behaved compulsively, but will probably get a zero return for all my efforts, ie I might have lost a couple of pounds, but as soon as I hit the cake, it will all pile back on, and maybe even with interest.

So I advocate first of all that the battle to achieve weight loss must be set up on the best possible terms, it must be oriented, stacked in my favor. To do this, I need to adjust my mindset, and adjust my terms of reference when it comes to diet, controlling my intake, and eating to be healthy.

So instead of viewing eating as something sinful, to be atoned for by periods of absence, I advocate a mindset where eating is viewed as the healthy norm, something which should be pleasurable, beneficial, and not fought against. It is a river, a current, to get into, and which we need to navigate with due diligence.

The bottom line here to what I am saying is that our diets, our weight, our bodily perceptions, are all things we have conditioned thinking about. To really lose weight, and to keep a healthy weight, we need first to understand our mindsets, our relationship to food, the ways in which we conceptualize eating, health, nutrition, and how these things relate to our body image, and self image .

Yes, I am making this sound quite complicated, but we live in a complicated world where we are bombarded by messages about food, nutrition, fat, diet, health, body beautiful and so on. Where yesterday's poison is today's panacea, and vica versa, so much so that we hardly know which way to turn sometimes, or what is the best ratione to base our behavior on.

So let's step right back from all this. Let's accept a few basic promises, and see where we can go by working with them.

The awards I would suggest are these:

That eating is a healthy normal human function. That good food is beneficial to our health and well-being. That obesity and being unnecessarily overweight are unhealthy, unwelcome states. That our minds and our bodies are not separate entities: we are organically constructed, and that what happens to our body can affect the workings of our mind, and that the workings of the mind can affect how our body behaves. And finally, that our weight problem will often be the accumulation of many problems, of which some we may be aware and some not, problems of all sorts of hues: – emotional, financial, lifestyle related, and so on, and that understanding these problems, and unknotting them will not be achieved with a 2/4/6 week snap solution, but by a process of working through and working out, of raising awareness, understanding, and knowledge, and from learning and growth, and the application of knowledge, being able to grow spiritually, if I can use that term, in order that we can express ourselves better in our lives.

If you are with me on these matters, then let's proceed. Oh, and by the way, I speak as someone who has lost 4 stone in the last year and half. It can be done, believe me, but it is a process of growth and change, and renewal, as much as it is a re-equilibrating of the body stasis.

Source by Simone Palmer


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