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Each year, everyone anticipates the annual U.S. News & World Report listing of the best colleges. It works year round to provide the best and most reliable information for those looking to find the best law schools, med schools and of course, the best accounting programs. The publication just released its 2011 list and if you’re wondering if your school made the top, take a look:

10. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill – This public institution was founded in 1789 and has an average enrollment of 18,000 each year. Affordable tuition and a consistently ranked top 10 schools; it’s an excellent place to gain an accounting degree.

9. New York University – This private institution was founded in 1831 and ranks number 33 on the list of Best Colleges overall. Its tuition averages $39,000 per year.

8. University of Notre Dame – Another private institution, Notre Dame was found in 1842. Average tuition is $40,000 per year and a $65 application fee.

7. Indiana University at Bloomington – With an enrollment of 32,000, this public university was founded in 1820 with a campus size close to 2,000 acres. It’s a fine school to gain an accounting degree.

6. University of Southern California at Los Angeles – USC remains a favorite school for all specialties, including accounting. It averages around 17,000 new students each year and its tuition hovers near $41,000. It’s a private school that was founded in 1880.

5. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor – Another fine school in the Midwest, UM was founded in 1817 and is considered one of the best in the nation. The public university’s tuition is $12,000 for Michigan residents and out of state tuition is around $36,000.

4. University of Pennsylvania – Located in Philadelphia, this private institution was founded in 1740 and rests on 279 acres. Tuition is around $40,000 and has close to 10,000 undergraduates.

3. Brigham Young University – Provo, Utah is home to the number three school on this list. Founded in 1875, the prestigious facility sits on 557 acres and its tuition is around $4,400.

2. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – This Tier 1 school is home to around 31,400 undergraduates and sits on more than 1,400 acres. Its in state tuition is $13,600 and for out of state students, tuition is near $28,000.

1. University of Texas at Austin – Go south for the number one school. The winner for the top accounting program is found in Austin Texas. With close to 40,000 undergraduates, those wishing to attend and who call Texas home pay less than $10,000 for tuition and for those traveling to Texas, the tuition is around $32,000.

And there they are. Remember, though, regardless of which college you ultimately choose, the experience is what you make it. Any of these schools listed will provide everything needed for a student to become a world class accountant; the bottom line, however, is that each experience is left to the student to define throughout the course of his or her college career.

Source by David D Sprake


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