How To Choose File Hosting Service On The Internet?


The question: "What kind of options do I need to look when choosing file hosting website?"
The answer: the one with the largest, fastest and reliable servers, that will save your files the longer.

There are many file hosting services around the world that allows you to save your files for easy transfer between computers, in today's world it is almost impossible to transfer files without using disk-on-key or using a cdr / dvd-r.

But what should you do in case you want to transfer a file that is about 500 mb large (something that can not be done with email) and do not want to open a ftp server on your computer?

This is the where you can use free file hosting services available on the internet such as Xdrive and more.

What this kind of websites gives you it's the option to upload files to the internet up to X amount of MB, after the upload the user will get a special unique URL which locates the file and enables anyone with what the uploader shares it to download the file,

The features you need to pay attention when choosing file hosting are:

1. File Size limit – the maximum limit of the file you can upload.

2. Speed ​​- Try to find one that locations close to your country and / or your friends country so the speed will be faster.

3. Privacy – Make sure you get a unique URL that can not be guessed so easily people will not try to guess file names, also check if you can password protect the file.

4. Waiting times – some websites "enforce" waiting time between files or download by IP address or countries, like megaupload. try to find an upload service that do not enforce so much limits.

5. Ease of use – Some websites hides the link on the website in purpose in order to make the surfer stay longer, pay attention to this.

6. Support – Make sure there are support in case you have a problem.

Source by Patrick Williams


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