How to Choose Web Hosting – Avoid Extra Expense


Every website needs Web hosting. The problem is often choosing the best hosting company from among the dizzying array of choices that are now available. Some hosting companies offer basic hosting without any frills while others offer more options to make launching a website easier. Some are also less reliable than others, leaving the website they host with downtime that could have been avoiding with more reliable hosting.

The best indicator of how reliable a web host will be is the percentage of uptime that they can guarantee for the sites they host. The best has at least 99 percent uptime, if not more. The top web hosts have 99.9 percent uptime for their sites. The host should also offer plenty of storage space and bandwidth. Ideally, it shouldn’t penalize the webmaster with extra fees or even suspension for a popular site that gets a lot of hits. There are hosts that will actually drop a website that gets too much traffic, but the best hosts have no hit limits. Ez Web Hosting has no limit on hits, and it guarantees 99.9 percent uptime.

Most web hosting companies offer a number of different hosting packages. A good hosting company will offer several hosting package options to allow site owners to pick the one that will best serve their website. Some hosting packages allow several domains to be used by the same hosting package. This can make hosting several sites simple as well as inexpensive.

Another important feature is email accounts that are connected to the hosted website. Some web hosts require the customer to pay extra for email accounts. Some limit the number of email accounts that are allowed for each domain name. Other web hosts have an unlimited number of email accounts that can be created for a website. Ez Web Hosting has an unlimited number of email accounts available for every Web hosting account, even for the least expensive hosting packages. This enables large companies or networks to create as many email accounts as they need to keep everyone in communication.

By choosing the right Web hosting company that is reliable and has helpful features like flexible options and unlimited email accounts, it’s possible to avoid a lot of extra expenses.

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