How to Eat to Lose Weight


We are what we eat and sadly for a lot of people in the developed world this means that both their diets and their bodies contain a high level of fat. It is true that despite the high profile healthy eating has in the media today, many people shun the advice on offer – choosing foods high in fats and sugars over a more fibrous low calorie plant based diet.

If you want to lose weight then it is obviously going to be worth your while sitting down and running through a typical days calories contained within your current diet. You want to look for how many foods you eat that 'work for you. Believe it or not it is possible to get your diet to work for you. Eating does not actually have to mean gaining unwanted weight as bizarre as that may sound.

The reason for this is down to the relationship between the substance of certain foods and your natural biochemistry and metabolism. For instance, protein is a muscle builder it is protein that helps to convert fat into muscle. Protein obtained from lean meats such as Chicken and Turkey is a powerful fat fighter. In addition fibrous foods such as nuts and fruit and veg are an excellent addition due to the part they play in digestive transist. They keep your digestion moving swiftly and help to maintain your intestines water levels.

An important point to remember in addition to all this is that we often eat out of habit. Nostalgia helps to structure what we like to eat.

Many people who want to lose weight find it difficult to know which foods to choose for the best weight loss results. Losing weight by swapping and changing to different diets is not always the best way. Also, we do not want to deprive ourselves of the odd treat or nice mean out. Fortunately there are certain food rules we can use to help limit the impact of a high calorie dinner.

One of the best of these comes from how you chew. Now this may sound ridiculous- after all, we all know how to eat right? But before you dismiss it out of hand just consider this. A recent study looked at dieting and nutritional advice from the last 200 hundred years. One old remedy from Edwardian England was the 20 chew diet. This involved chewing each piece of tough food substances like red meat put in the mouth no less than twenty times. After repeating this test on several participants the researchers noted that there was a noticeable decrease in the participant's weight even without any major exercise!

There are of course scientific reasons behind this old wives tale. Chewing your food thoroughly is great for your health. Not only does it aid digestion, but it helps you limit your portion size. It takes a while for the brain to realize that you are full. Chewing more can give it that extra time to account for the food you are eating.

Think smart when it comes to shopping and preparing what you eat and you will probably find that your stomach is lighter while your wallet is heavier. A balance that we would all find preferred I think you will agree.

An average ready-meal lasagne can cost a few dollars at the supermarket, and one portion can contain up to 632 calories. Add a cheesy garlic bread and a bottle of coke, and the cost rises to over five bucks. But the total cost of this convenience meal may be as bad for your waistline as your wallet, clocking up around 967 calories.

If you swap your microwave meal for a home-cooked alternative, you can save in calories and cash.

Be clever about what you purchase as well. Buy only enough fresh fruit and vegetables for the next couple of days, so they will not end up going off in the bottom of your fridge. Remember when it comes to fruit and veg, dried, frozen and canned (in juice, not syrup) are just as good as fresh. There really are no excuses about cost when it comes to healthy eating. Search the internet for calorie reduced recipes that are very healthy but that do not compromise on taste. That way you will ensure that healthy eating is enjoyable as much as it is good for you.

It's important to enjoy a little of what you fancy and not feel you have to completely cut out the foods you love. If you're craving chocolate, have a few pieces. That way you will not end up bingeing.

Source by Andrew Dimmelow


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