How to Lose Weight – 3 Easy Steps That Will Make a Difference in Your Quest to Weight-Loss


1. Speed ​​up your metabolism by eating more meals

– Your metabolism is usually the reason why you are gaining weight, even if you are on a diet. It basically represents the rate at which your body consumes all the food you eat. The reasons for a slow metabolism can go as far as genetics. That means that you probably inherited it. Also, age and gender have a lot to do with it: an old woman has a much slower metabolism than a young man.

– In order to fix that, you will have to eat more meals in smaller portions and eat slowly.

Action step : Eat 6-8 small meals throughout the day.

2. Curve your caloric intake by exercising

– Exercising is what will actually burn the fat right off. Think of it like a shortcut. All you do is concentrate the effort you would make in a much longer period of time in order to reach your goal faster. Practicing a sport or just being active also help. By burning the calories, exercising will allow you to eat more. I'm sure you can see how that helps.

Action step : Exercise 20-30 minutes a day.

3. Keep your body healthy and energized by eating fruits and vegetables

– This is the exciting part. It's where you fix all the things that you were not able to balance right. All the vitamins and minerals will help your body work efficiently and boost your energy. But what's more important is that you do not have to give up on what you like if you compensate with fruits and supplements. This works because fruits contain fiber which if contained in high quantities will trigger diarrhea. And that way way you will just flush your weight down the toilet.

Action step : Eat 10-15 fruits / vegetables a day

Extra Tip: For an extra boost to help you lose weight, drink Acai Berry Juice every day, as it is highly beneficial. Acai Berries are rich in Vitamin A and contain iron, fiber and calcium. They have a great flavor and contain all sorts of nutrients and antioxidants.

Source by David Haybach


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