How to Lose Weight by Falling Off the Wagon of Form


So much has been written on this subject. As I sit here staring at my laptop screen, peering over the wispy white eartops of the cat on my lap, I can feel the weight of her fuzzy warmth on my belly.

This is far more comfortable than the seventy pounds that used to lie there. They did not purr, and they never leapt off and bounded away when I stood up.

I'm keeping the cat. The 70 lb of fat – I am done with. How?

In all the searching to find out HOW to lose weight … diets, fads, experts … you may have missed something very simple, that may become clear to you in the minutes it takes to read this:

If you made a New Years resolution to lose weight, chances are it looked something like –

"I am going to Lose 20 pounds."

Nothing wrong with that, right? (Is this the first year for that resolution?) In that statement, you are focusing on the "Form" of what you want. Those 20 pounds are something that you can SEE; a bathroom scale can tell you all about them.

If your focus is simply a form, even if you remind yourself of that form every day … you may fail … again.

Fall off of the wagon of "Form", and find the "Essence" of what YOU WANT.

What does this mean?

The "Essence" is not something anyone can see. It belongs ONLY to YOU. Put simply, it is the FEELING you want to have, it is the WHY behind the weight you want to lose.

What if you were to step out of the shower tomorrow morning, and step onto your scale. What if you saw you were exactly 25 pounds lighter …

How would that FEEL?

Now picture the little dial of the scale, showing that you were 25 pounds lighter. What if you dropped your towel to the floor, and stood right in front of the bathroom mirror … and you looked – exactly the same as any other day.

Now how would that FEEL?

The "Essence" you WANT, does not come from that "Lose 20 lb" resolution. The essence is the FEELING you want, and it is that DESIRE that will POWER you towards your goals. What you want is not the "form" of what your bathroom scale tells you. It is the essence, which lives only in you.

Find the Essence you are really looking for. Ask questions. Write your answers.

Do you want to lose weight because your class reunion is coming up? Ask questions, go deeper.

Is there a specific person at that reunion you would want to impress? And deeper.

If that person saw you as trim and fit, exactly how that would make you feel? That, right there, is the power that creates change.

It is this essence, YOUR Essence, that will power your weight loss. (an author who really helped me understand "Essence VS Form" is Laura Lavigne , you can click and listen to a couple of stories from her "Pink Hair and Chocolate Cookies" book).

This essence, as you find it, is like having a full tank of gas. Have you ever seen thin people after their diet? Maybe they ate sub sandwiches. Maybe they drank seawater for two weeks.

The diet only WORKED, because they had a focus Not just on the diet, the form of HOW to get what they wanted, but their own personal WHY to diet.

The Essence.

The liquid-protein-grapefruit-lowcarb-eastbeach-subsandwich diet was simply the vehicle they chose to get to their weight loss destination.

The only reason they made it all the way, is that they never run out of gas.

Fall off the wagon of form. Find your essence, re-discover it every day, and you will get what you want.

Source by Chris Shelby


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