How to Lose Weight by the Weekend


Its Monday morning, you've just been invited to the party of the century on Saturday night. OH NO! What are you going to do?

Obviously, starving yourself is only going to work in the short term, and most people can not willingly for 5 days. Not to mention how unhealthy that is. So here is your easy guide for how to lose weight by the weekend.

If you're serious about getting into skinny jeans or that fabulous dressing by the weekend, you need to squeeze exercise into your day not once but twice. Do 2, 30-45 minute sessions daily. Break this up into a morning walk and a harder session into the evening. Working out like this speeds up your metabolism and will help you to lose weight by the weekend.

You will need to change your diet this week. Our bodies react in certain ways to various foods. Salt causes your body to retain water and increases bloating. Do not add salt to your food, and cut out salty items like cured meats, smoked salmon and olives.

Wheat is another food that causes intolerance in some people. This causes our bodies to retain water. Avoid all wheat products such as pasta, bread, cakes, etc. Replace these calories with fresh, steamed vegetables and lean meats.

Drink green tea between meals to reduce your appetite. Green tea is known for its weight loss properties, but its excellent for stopping binge eating. If you need another boost so you can lose weight by the weekend, add cayenne pepper to your meals. Chilli is one of the "wonder foods" that increase your body's temperature and your metabolism, helping you to burn up fat and lose weight by the weekend.

Make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water every day. No excuses.

Do not stress about your event. Stress causes your body to release hormones that will make you appear bloated or puffy. Your mind and body are completely connected so keep yourself calm and relaxed before your big day.

All of these tips will work to reduce bloating, shed water weight, and lose weight by the weekend.

Source by Tracy Williams


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