How To Lose Weight Fast – The Top 3 Winners


Let's jump in and get started with the top 3 ways to lose weight fast.

1. Do not Eat Anything For 5 Days.

Now this can be considered to be the top method to lose weight fast. This is the economy version of weight loss surgery, no side effects at all … well maybe just heads from not eating anything. All you have to do is do not eat anything for at least 5 days. Then on the 6th day, eat all you want. Then on the 7th day, repeat not eating for 5 days.

You may be lightheaded, but think of how much weight you're losing, and after all, you can tell your friends you found the tightly guarded secret of how to lose weight fast. Do this when you need to lose weight fast. Do not operate any heavy machinery or drive a vehicle during this time. This is an added benefit that will not permit you to drive to your favorite fast food outlet.

2. Eat Foods of The Same Color.

Now this is one of my favorites that just about anyone can do. Just take a quick trip to the grocery store to purchase foods in your favorite color. It does not matter what color it is, just as long as you can eat food in the same color family. I'll choose red. Great! Now all you have to do is eat foods that are red. You can have red apples, cherries, red peppers, tomatoes, and do not forget cherry ice cream! Just as long as it's red.

3. Think Thin Thoughts.

Here's a great one. All you have to do to lose weight fast is just simply think yourself thin. Ask the universe to bring you a thin body, while you're indulging in a mouthwatering piece of chocolate cake with whipped cream topping. Just visualize yourself thin whenever you want anything to eat. This is a great way to lose weight fast. And do not forget my money the tooth fairy owes me as well.

Obviously these tips have poked fun at something most people struggle to do. Sometimes, all you need is just a good laugh at the process, remind yourself why you want to lose weight and commit to it.

As with anything worthwhile, it will take time. However, it's still possible to lose weight fast, but not immediately as you may have imagined.

Source by Dana Madison


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