How To Lose Weight In 5 Days


How to lose weight in 5 days is one of the easiest ways to lose weight! By eating more often and eating less at one meal time, will provide your body with energy that Promotes your metabolism. Also by providing your body with a healthy exercise program and vitamins, will help lose weight and help build your immune system. To understand how to lose weight in 5 days is as simple as ridding a bike. Most of us are creatures of habit. We perform our daily duties and tasks with some kind of order or importance. This comes very easy to us and takes very little effort. So we want to take this same attitude when it comes to eating. Please follow the next few steps and you will feel great and look great in no time.

1. You need to eat in the first hour after you wake up. If you do not eat in the first hour after you wake up, your body starts to store your body fat. By giving your body something to eat, the body thinks that you have enough fat stored and starts to burn fat.

2. Get exercise. By getting some exercise whether a lot or just more than usual, will promote body functions that help your heart, lungs, mind etc. that builds up your immune system and raises your metabolism.

3. Take vitamins. Vitamins are very important. They promote body functions that also raise your metabolism.

Here is a brief list of a daily routine that works to promote weight loss.

1. Eat low fat how protein breakfast … (bars, cereal … cold or hot) Stay away from fruits … They have a lot of sugar.

2. Eat every 3 to 4 hours … (small amounts) This promotes metabolism and fat burning.

3. Feed your cravings … (it's something that is sweet and good for you) Power-Pops … They are sweet and have hoodia and other ingredients that promote weight lose.

4. Walk up stairs, walk to the mail box … By just adding some more exercise in your day will help your fat burn.

Things to stay away from … Sugars, salts, heavy meats … red meat … pork (chicken is preferred)

Any food that is white in color such as rice, sour cream etc.

Limit your bread intake.

Read the back of your food items labels and look to see how many calories and carbohydrates are in each service.

Keep your fat count down as low as you can, calories should be in a range from 2000 to 2500 a day.

Drink lots of water … This will clean out your body of toxins that slow you down and promote a healthy body function.

To start you on a fast track of losing weight, follow the How to lose weight in 5 days list below.

1. For the first 3 days eat only salads for your meals … Breakfast you can have 2 eggs and water … Very little coffee.

Use a low fat and calorie dressing … The best dress is a red wine vinaigrette …

2. Drink at least 10 glasses of 8 oz. water a day … If you want you can add a sugar free additive to make that water taste better. You can pick up sugar free powders at your local market.

3. Vitamins are very important and you should get at least 2000 grams of Vitamin C, multi vitamin with calcium, B5-12 liquid drops. Also can be purchased at your local market.

4. For the next 2 days you can follow the previous instructions on how to lose weight.

(Eat something in the first hour of your day, drink a lot of water, feed your desires with something sweet and that is good for you, (power-pops etc. Eat more often and less, walk more often and get plenty of vitamins .

You can lose weight fast and easy in the first few days and you can get to your ideal weight quick and easy if you follow the guidelines in this article.

Source by Jeffery A Jones


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