List Building: Getting Traffic to Your Squeeze Page


So, you've got this great squeeze page sitting out there in cyberworld, and it's all ready for list building in your particular niche. But think about this: At last count, Google indexed something like 8 billion pages! With all that competition for eyesballs, will your site ever be seen?

You need traffic.

One way, a really great way to get people to your list building page, is by writing articles, and they're great for several reasons. First, when you have an article published, you get a certain "air of expertise," let's say.

Plus, at the end of every article, or in some directories, you get to links to your list building page or any other program you might be offering. You should concentrate on using a link to your list building page, though, until you've built an extensive list.

The links in those articles stay around as long as the article does, pretty much forever. When people search Google or another search engine for "list building," they'll find my articles, whether it's now or several years from now.

When you have articles distributed, other directories pick them up, so now you have this whole network of articles out there, with your list building link in it.

One-way links are worth their weight in gold, and they're even better, if the page your article is on carries any page rank. That helps your page rank, too.

You may be wondering, Where do I get ideas?

That's easy! Ideas are all around you!

Find a good blog in your niche. Go check out other sites. Read newsletters and forums in your niche. Those should jog your creativity. Ideas are all around you!

You have a list building squeeze page, right? If not, go build one. List building is the first thing you need to start doing online, if you want to make money. So, if you do not have a list building page up, go do that. Then, worry about writing articles.

Just do not stop. If you're determined to get this done, you will. But if you decide you just do not want to do this, do you have more time or more money?

If you have more money, hire writers and pay someone else to write for you.

Just do not hesitate. Do it now!

Source by Tellman Knudson


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