Lose Weight in a Week


So, you want to lose weight in a week? It can be done. You should do it properly though. We often put off losing weight until the very last minute. We are afraid of the suffering we know is ahead when we start our diet. Often, we look for the quick fix in the latest diet fad.

You can lose considerable weight in one week. If you want to lose weight in a week you can follow the guidelines below.

1. Stop eating any salt. Salt helps your body retain fluids. Removing salt from your diet will help you drop weight in one week.

2. Change diet: Eat only fish, fruits and vegetables. Eat several small meals a day and no big ones. Eat the fruits and vegetables without cooking them. Eat plenty of nuts. They will help keep your appetite in check. It is not necessary to starve yourself. Eating foods that are quickly metabolized will cause your body to start burning fat.

3. Drink plenty of water: Water is a key component to any diet. It will help suppress your need to eat. It will help you not feel hungry.

4. Exercise: Using 1 – 3 will cause weight loss. Exercising will boost this weight loss. As you begin to lose weight naturally your body starts to burn up the excess fat. Exercise kick starts your body and puts your metabolism into over drive. Your body will start burning those fat stores much quickly if you start exercising.

These are very easy, quick steps you can take to lose weight in a week. How much you lose is largely determined to how much water your body was storing. You can see some significant weight loss in as little as a week.

You should continue these simple steps in the weeks to come however. If you stop one of the steps you will quickly gain the weight back. Changing your eating habits alone can keep the weight off. These are lifestyle changes and not a fad diet. These simple changes will change your life.

You can lose weight in a week and do so safely.

Source by Nate H


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