Lose Your Belly Fat


Having a good-looking tummy that's free of lose fats does not only provide you with an oozing sex appeal. Instead, a flat belly signifies that you have higher possibilities of having a longer life since you have lower risks of acquiring life-threatening diseases of the heart. However, as we grow older minute by minute, our tenders of acquitting belly fats heighten. This is so since aging equates to a more sedentary way of life coupled with slower metabolic processes.

Despite these though, you should still not fret for there are still ways to escape the terror of having a belly decorated with fat lumps. If your aim is to quickly lose fats off your belly, then you should spice your life with two things: a healthy eating pattern and a jam-packed exercise routine.
To lose fat from your belly, a person should always bear in mind that what he eats should always result in a negative calorie intake. That is – the calorie you use in your daily activities should be far greater than the calorie that you consume.

To start your day right, eat breakfast. Remember that if you skip that morning meal, you will have lower blood glucose levels and more food cravings all through the day. Breakfasts should always be rich in protein and carbohydrates. As for the meals during the rest of the day, you should be finicky enough to make sure that you keep your meals rich in protein and less in carbohydrates. You should also try to indulge in fat-burning foods such as oats, brown rice, and whole grain / whole wheat foods.

To ensure that you lose your belly fat however, your diet should come along with a regular cardiovascular work-out. Regular exercise results to more fat-burning activities and faster metabolism. As such, a 30-40 minute aerobic exercise should top your to-do list at least four times a week. Other than that, a daily routine of sit-ups, crunches, and obliques will almost insure you of losing those nasty belly fats in no time.

Source by Ellen Joy Castel


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