Losing Weight Fast – Watch Out For Holidays


Most people who want to lose weight fast and follow a diet often have the surprise of not losing as much weight as they should, or none at all. A recent study has shown that some people tend to put on weight during the holiday seasons which in fact it's pretty obvious. A recent research has been published in the Obesity Journal which shows how weekends are also a bad time for losing weight. Nearby, Saturday is the waist's nemesis.

The study involved a total of 48 people with ages ranging from 50 to 60, some of normal weight and some overweight but none obese. Before taking part in the study, Saturday was the day when all people participated at the most. The extra calories from eating more than they normally would during weeks scaled up to a weight gain of 4 pounds during one year.

The study went on for one year and the participants were split into three equal groups. First group followed a very strict diet, second group followed a strict exercise program, while the third group kept their diet and exercising habits unchanged. Despite the fact that the second group was losing the most weight during the week they were also gaining the most pounds back during weekends as they ate more on Saturdays and Sundays. (Most of them without even realizing) Susan B. Racette from the University of Washington says that the consistency of the results both before and during the research ware pretty surprising.

When it comes to losing weight you must be careful not to sabotage your own efforts during holidays and weekends. It is always wise to eat a little before going to parties who only serve nachos and prepare a healthy lunch when you go on a long trip, so you're not forced to eat junk food. Paying attention to the size of the portions you eat is also important. Sure, holiday seasons are not the ideal time for losing weight fast but maintaining it is an achievable goal.

Source by Evelina Williams


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