Low Cost Web Hosting Service – Which One Can You Trust?


These days, a person wanting to make money or even have a presence on the internet can be amazed by the plethora of choices that web hosting companies offer in all efforts to get your business. You need to make your selection carefully, since a web host is who will be showcasing your website to everyone on the internet.

There are some things to consider while you are choosing your website hosting services. You need the following:

1. Storage space
2. Data Transfer (bandwidth)
3. Extra features like scripts, extensions, statistics, etc.
4. All this at a low cost.

Here is a list of low cost web hosting services that you can consider. Even though they are low cost and some of their services are free, they have got excellent reviews and they offer excellent service.

1. Pronet Hosting – Hosting with Pronet comes for $ 1.50 per month, which can be paid annually. Along with hosting, their package includes the following, free setup, unlimited emails, email ids and unlimited FTP access.

2. Frihost low cost web hosting service: They offer web hosting which is free so long as you participate in forum activity. The web hosting comes along with 250 MB storage, as long as you are actively posting to their forums. Along with that you get 250 MB of storage and unlimited sub-domains, 10 GB of traffic, and no forced advertising.

3. Cafe Networks – They have two types of free hosting, one that needs domain registration routed through them, and another which is co-branded. The other hosting is with 250 MB of storage and it costs $ 3.25 every month.

4. Affordable Multimedia (AFMU) – This site is excellent value for money. It starts you off with free hosting (with domain registration through them). It is completely free of annoying advertisements, banners and popups, gives you 25 POP email accounts, around the clock technical support, 100 mb storage, PHP, MySQL, CGI and FrontPage extensions and a 1GB monthly data transfer. The first payment package starts at $ 3.95 per month.

5. Accuweb low cost web hosting service – This offers several value-priced hosting plans to choose from. You could pick the one that suits you, or select the different ones to fit in with your varied business needs. Plans start at $ 4.00 per month.

There are several more on the web, each one of them offering you a wide variety to pick from. You need to research the companies and read the reviews. The ones listed above have received many positive reviews.

My own choice has always been Fatcow hosting company . I have used many website hosting companies and have had excellent service from Fatcow low cost web hosting service. They are economic, give excellent service and it has been a pleasure dealing with them. In case you have just started your business this is the best option.

A web hosting company is like a platform for your presence on the web and also the place from which your fledgling business will take off. So choose carefully.

Source by Sam Brad


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