Lunarpages Web Hosting Review – The Truth About Lunarpages


Lunarpages was established in 1998 as company that offers free web hosting. As part of their expansion, Lunarpages started offering shared web hosting in the year 2000 and eventually expanded to other types of web hosting services which include hosting of private servers. Although their free web hosting service is no longer available, their customer forum is one of the most visited forums related to web hosting services.

Lunarpages is a developer-friendly web hosting company. Even in the basic package, Lunarpages offers support to different types of web languages ​​including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, MySQL, Dreamweaver and Ajax. With their strong support for JSP, developers could easily build an Ajax based website using the hosting services of LunarPages. The basic package of LunarPages is highly competitive – including a free domain for life, customers will enjoy 1.5TB of data storage and 15TB of data transfer. Users can create unlimited number of email account and launch them through the popular types of webmail services. For business services, Lunarpages offer a wide variety of E-commerce tools including SSL installation free of charge. This web hosting company is also pushing their Window based hosting wherein new customers could try out this type of web hosting service free for three months. Customers of Lunarpages can control their website through the very familiar CPanel.

The best selling point of Lunarpages is their ability to host different types of media files and easily launching them in the visitors' browser. Video and audio streaming is very easy with this website which why Lunarpages is very popular among bloggers who wanted to share more than just written text.

On the other hand, customers have been experiencing downtime more than other web hosting companies. The reason for this is that there are times the servers of Lunarpages were not performing as expected.

Source by Alexander Fedorov


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