Marketing With Web 2.0


What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is a term denoting the use of the Internet as a platform for sites which allow easy and innovative communication. The content on the sites is provided by the user, not by the webmaster of site author. It was a surprise to some that these sites would so readily be adapted to marketing with Web 2.0. Some of the more popular Web 2.0 sites are MySpace, Facebook and Bebo. YouTube allowed users to post their own video content. Blogs (weblogs) are also a Web 2.0 phenomenon, the most famous run by Google under the name Blogger. Millions of these free blogs have been created, some about mundane or personal topics, but many have been used to advertise or post content about specific businesses.

One of the benefits of marketing with Web 2.0 sites is that the resulting traffic driven to your site or business can be instant. For instance, one lesser known gem of the Web 2.0 world is Tumblr. Tumblr interface is recognizable to anyone who has used Google's Blogger. The term "tumblr" comes from "tumblelog", meaning a collection of different ideas and sources bought together.

While you might think such a platform would be used by people posting their own views of the world, and it is, it can also be used to post details and stories about the benefits of your product or business. You can name a "channel" using a keyword favorable to your specific business, and this channel and subsequent postings can show up very quickly in the search engines.

Google in particular loves Tumblr. Because we understand that Google potentially uses the "Page Rank" of a linking site to create the rank for your business site, if you generate or build a link from a social networking site like Tumblr or Digg, your business site can "inherit" some of the weight.

The other aspect of marketing with Web 2.0 arises not just from the increased rank that you might get from a link form a social networking, although free or "natural" rankings are great. The other aspect of marketing with Web 2.0 is that visitors can click directly from the Web 2.0 site to your business webpages or to your profile and then to your business web pages. This is traffic, instant and free – two most luscious words to the online marketer.

If the stories or content you post to a social networking site are interesting to people, they will reward you by trusting you, and by wanting to know more about what you are doing, and what your area of ​​interest and expertise is. The content does not even necessarily have to be about your business (and arguably in some sites bought not be), it just has to be interesting and attractive, so that you generate exposure and a response. If you can insist that you are an expert, or have something of value to be explored, either directly through the content you post, or through your profile or signature, you can generate traffic to your site, and then cash in via whatever method you are monetizing that traffic.

Traffic, traffic – traffic by free (except for your time) marketing with Web 2.0 and social networking sites. Post about what you know, post about what you like, and generate free, instant, pre-qualified traffic.

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Source by Warwick Foster


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