Movie Star Weight Loss Secrets – Become the Talk of All Your Friends With Your New Sexy Body


Are you having difficulty losing weight? Are you tired of diets and weight loss pills that do not work? I remember when I was first trying to lose weight. No matter what I tried nothing seemed to work. I did not want to admit that old fashioned diet and exercise was the key to losing weight.

The problem for most people is getting motivated to lose weight. Deep down inside we all know that exercise and eating healthy are things we need to do for success. However, it's very difficult to do those things. I'd like to share with you how I broke these 2 key ingredients down to succeed.

Weight Loss Secret # 1-

The first secret to losing weight is to have the end in mind. You need to picture yourself and what you want to look like. Think of how great it would feel to be that person. Ask yourself how your life would change if you became that new person. Write down a list of all the benefits that would happen if you lost weight. In the case of a famous person, they get paid millions for their movie role. Now write down a few goals that will help you accomplish your dream. Make sure your goals all have a deadline. This is important because you'll never get started if you do not have a deadline.

Weight Loss Secret # 2-

The next secret is to get organized. You will not have a personal chef or a personal trainer like a movie star. So you're going to have to do it all yourself. It's not that hard once you get started. Let me share with you my plan that has consistently helped me get results. Every Monday morning I follow the same routine. I plan out all of the healthy meals I'll be eating for the next week. After I am done planning, I'll go and buy all of the food that I need to cook the meals. After I am finished doing this I plan out my workout routines. This way I know exactly what I am going to do in the gym and how long it will take.

Weight Loss Secret # 3-

The last thing I do is keep track of my results. It's fun to look back after a couple of weeks and see just how far you've come. You could easily lose 10-15 pounds by this time. This is why I also like to take pictures so I can see the progress I make each week. Also keep track of the meal you eat. After a while you'll know exactly what healthy foods you need to eat without always have to follow a meal plan. I also like to keep track of my workouts so I know what I need to change for a later day.

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