Reseller Hosting – Why Go Unlimited?


Reseller web hosting is web hosting that can be passed along to other clients. You become a client of a reseller web hosting company, who grants licenses that permit you to lease bandwidth and storage out to sub-clients. This allows individuals in various web industries to offer hosting without setting up their own server farms.

Also on the table is unlimited reseller web hosting. The question becomes, why would this ever be necessary if hosting is being offered as a side service? There are two simple answers. The first is that unlimited reseller hosting provides an unlimited number of configurations in which you can configure hosting plans that you'll market. The second is that it serves as a form of insurance against ambitious clients.

If you have the ability to contract unlimited reseller hosting, you have the ability to offer unlimited hosting. Guarantee individuals establishing a site that is likely to be high-traffic that they will not run out of bandwidth is, as you can imagine, a great selling point. Further, it will permit you to offer this to as many individuals as you have in your market. Any limit that can be removed from business is good! But from a safety perspective, it prevails unexpected overages. The actions of one of your clients will not cause all of your clients to lose their hosting as the bandwidth cap is hit. It serves as an insurance for all your hosts, not just your own bandwidth expenses. This is not to say that you can not set limits of your own on storage or bandwidth – if you could not, it would defeat the purpose of reseller web hosting. But unlimited reseller hosting gives you infinite flexibility and much lower risk.

In short, unlimited reseller hosting gives you flexibility and a proper insulation against overambitious clients. Do not overlook it for your side services!

Source by Caden Grant


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