Reseller Web Hosting Reviewed


The Internet is filled with hosting services trying to entice you into buying their services with their offerings. The most aggressive sales pitch may be from the hosting reseller, who buys a block of server space from a larger company, breaks it into smaller chunks and resells those chunks to users.

Essentially a marketer, these hosting resellers buy their hosting packages from large data centers housing hundreds, if not thousands, of web servers. Those data center facilities are very secure sites and cater to the needs of large businesses. The benefit to you is the access to that tighter security. They also have a much faster internet connection than the reseller could provide alone.

Another benefit is not so obvious to you, the purchaser of hosting services. Marketers are not always well-versed in the requirements and risks of hosting technology and the expertise required to protect your business. They know how to package their product (the hosting service), attract customers, set competitive prices and provide benefits that promise make your online life easier.

But, they might not know how to provide security or how to keep your business functioning online while you're sleeping. It costs a lot of money to buy, set up and maintain servers. It also requires 24/7 diligence and dedication to protect your business data and provide seamless service.

Most marketers could not do that, and, even if they could, they would not be able to sell their hosting services at a competitive price.

So, when you purchase hosting services from a reseller, you are actually putting the success of your business in the hands of a complete stranger who is passing your business on to a data center. Scary as that might sound, there's some real benefits for you and your business.

The data centers have technicians on board 24/7 who understand the intricacies of keeping their business customers functioning online. They also understand their servers and the potential problems any server can have at any time. This translates into rapid repair and getting your site back online as fast as possible.

Buying from a reseller would give you the same security and technical expertise available to giant international companies. Effectively your website would be rubbing elbows with the Fortune 500 companies. How cool is that?

Another benefit you will enjoy is the speed of the Internet connection provided and maintained by the data center … a direct result of the influence and demands of the major companies hosted in the same place as you are.

The major benefit you might want to keep in mind is that the hosting reseller would be in a better position to provide excellent customer service than the data center. Those huge data centers who host the resellers hosting packages do not want to bother with small businesses.

In this world of Internet Marketing that requires some technical services that are not directly under your control, excellent customer service would be critical to your success. Without it, what would you have to sustain your business?

Source by Dan Thompson


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