The FTP Security Issue That You Must Know


FTP, file transfer protocol, allows file transfer between 2 computers though internet. Whenever we do an upload or download, it involves FTP. It lets you to connect to your web host server and mange files from your local system. Having that said, whoever has a web hosting account uses FTP. And with more and more people building websites; doing secured transaction through internet and etc; the security of FTP has become an important issue to safe guard our date.

Whenever a file transfer takes place, the work is done through a plain text which if it’s not well taken care of, the data will be intercepted by third party. And at the usual case, hackers love to target this kind of loop hoop in the FTP. Imagine your data fall on unauthorized personnel.

Well it is not end of the day of cause. We can always prevent this by ensuring the security of FTP. One of the ways in doing this is by using log on exit program. This program can avoid hackers by denying log on request from users with none valid FTP access. In details, the program can actually limit the number of concurrent users connected to the FTP. Also it is able to block access from other IP which is different from the authorized one.

Well log on program may sound a bit confusing though. In fact I don’t use it as it involves more technical works. Another easier way in ensuring the security is by using SSL. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a script that is used to encrypt your date before sending through the connections. The encrypted data is not human-understandable even it is intercepted by third party. However, the data could be decrypted using some sophisticated decrypting program but that will take a very long time.

Also, SSL is very economical. A private one cost only a few bucks per month. While shared SSL usually comes with free your hosting account. Therefore for a better secured hosting service, we need to make sure the script is included in the hosting features.

Albeit there are only 2 FTP security revealed here, I’m sure there are many other ways in securing the FTP. You can search around the internet and see what others have to say about it. SSL and log on exit are just 2 of the popular ways in reaching this security purpose.

Source by Daren S.


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