Three Factors That Affect Your Ability To Loose Weight


There are several reasons why many people try to loose weight but find it difficult. Most people believe it is a matter of just changing diets or buy into the latest exercise kit. Based on research some of the factors is explained below.

Malnutrition This means not just food but nutrients. You are probably thinking if people are overweight how can they be malnourished? The simple answer is they are lacking in key vitamins and minerals the body craves for.
Much of the food we eat lacks the vitality that enhances our bodies therefore the body wears out to the brain to look for more sources of nutrients. However we in turn eat all the nutrient deficient foods that satisfy the craving for a while. Yet, a while later the body craves for nutrients, sends out the signals to the brain we reach for a snack and the cycle continues. This can occur several times a day. The final result is that we end up eating so much food that lacks the essentials minerals and vitamins and this is stored up that makes us fat.

A slow metabolism Another reason why many try to loose weight but find it difficult is slow metabolism. Metabolism basically means that certain organisms and glands in the body which regulate how your body burns food for energy and how it converts food into fat. These organs include the thyroid, pancreas, liver, stomach, colon and small and large intestine. If these organisms are slow and sluggish then you have a slow metabolism. Those who have a slow metabolism have a harder time keeping of the pounds. That is why you can have someone eat a meal around 6PM and still eat again an hour later and still do not gain weight. While someone else would eat an average size meal and gain weight almost immediately.

Not enough sleep A study at the University of Alabama prepared a report that looked at the potential contributors to the accessibility of people to loose weight. Sleep deprivation is one of the causes of obesity. When you sleep, at the right time your metabolism slows down to virtually nothing. The ideal time to sleep is between 10PM and 6AM. This is when the body is able to repair itself. You have to give it a kick-start when you start your day. You need to sleep in the right cycle to benefit from your weight loss efforts.

Source by Bolaji Alli


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