Valentine's Cards to Make Him Blush!


Celebrated through the world as the one day of year when couples can celebrate their love in public without being frowned upon and when the single amongst us can confidently approach the object of our desire without fear, Valentine's Day has been around since around the 11th century.

Traditionally, lovers exchanged notes known as valentines, since the tradition of sending Valentine's cards. The original valentines were hand written and personalized with individual messages, although nowdays mass produced greetings cards are more commonly sent. However, if you want to really show your loved one how special he is, recapture the excitation of the olden days and send a personalized card that will leave him in no doubt of your feelings.

For most of us, the day-to-day reality of our relationships, especially when we've been together for a long time, are far from the bedroom-based seduction fests depicted in films and novels. As time goes on, the thrill of that initial attraction gives way to a more enduring and deeper love. Although this is an incredibly special bond to share, by sharing more aspects of your life with your partner, this brings with it new issues to deal with that are far from arousing.

There is housework to be done, bills to pay and mouths to feed and if we are not careful, the romance can soon evaporate. Keeping the sparks while still managing to run a house together is possible but, as any successful couple will tell you, it takes a little effort. Devoting some special time to yourself to just enjoy each other's company with no interruptions is important in maintaining your romantic bond. Valentine's Day is there before the perfect prescription for any longer term relationship as it provides a much-needed chance to have some fun as a couple. It only comes round once a year so make the most of it.

When it comes to Valentine's Day, there are a number of ways to approach it and it all depends on your own and your partner's personality. You may choose to make it sentimental and romantic; a day of chocolates cuddles and reminiscing about the happy memories you've shared. Or you could celebrate the occasion by spending the day pursuing a common interest and reconnecting with each other.

Alternately, Valentine's Day might be the perfect opportunity for you to appeal to his sexy side and remind him just why he fell in love with you; or if you have not got together yet, just why he will fall in love with you. Valentine's Day cards are the ideal opportunity to be flirtatious and send him a message you would not normally. It's all about having fun together so be daring and let your imagination run wild.

Your Valentine's Day Cards could have been a symbol of what you would like to do with him, or they could represent an intimate fantasy of his. Whatever you choose, by sending him a naughty card he will immediately associate those feelings with being with you and he 'll be desperate to get you alone.

If you are single and the recipient of your Valentine's Day Cards has not yet had the pleasure of getting to know you properly, have some fun and use the flirtatious license that this once a year holiday provides. Even in our modern society the pressure still tends to be on the men to make the first move.

Women often think that men do not suffer from the same fears and anxieties as they do when it comes to approaching someone they like, but they absolutely do and initiating things by sending a flirty Valentine's Day cards but will make it much more comfortable about asking you out in the future. If he has more than one admirer, the chances are that your personalized and suggestive card will stand out from the crowd by demonstrating that you do not take yourself too seriously.

To really get his pulse racing, why not give him a sneak preview of your intentions by choosing whip design Valentine's Day cards showing the back of a saucy seductress in fishnets and elbow length gloves holding a whip, on which you can have his name printed so he is in no doubt about who you're eye is on. Or how about an alluring French Maid to deliver your message? Dressed in full stockings, suspenders and leather Basque, this provocative picture can be tailor to make it blush by printing his name right there on her stockings. He will love your bold approach and the fact that you have made the first move so be brave and let him know how you feel.

If you have already captured the heart of your loved one but want to spice things up a little, flirty Valentine's Day Cards are also great fun for existing couples. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and indeed sending it a personalized card with his name as part of a provocative image says so much more in an instant than you could ever say in words. So make the most of the Valentine's Day tradition and send him a message he will never forget.

Source by Neil Jontas


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