Valentine's Day Story


Valentine's Day Story is a brand new free online game created by the authors of Pinkypop! The protagonists of this new free online difference game are Harry and Rebecca, a young enamored couple that are waiting eagerly to spend their first. Valentine's day together. But something went wrong, and instead of a romantic date with a nice atmosphere a couple suddenly happened to appear in the middle of a scary place …

Help them to encounter each other again! If you had fun traveling all around and spotting the differences with a funky fantastic creativity Pinkypop, you will definitely love the hilarious adventures of these heroes too!

This free photo hunt game offers you a chance to play as the boy or as the girl – it's up to you which character you like better. Just indicate the gender before getting started the game. It contains 10 levels, and you are expected to find 5 differences in each of them. The player does not get penalty for not managing to spot a difference on time but he does not receive any points after the time is up either so you better hurry up!

Valentine's Day Story is provided with striking dramatic colors and pretty graphics. Luminous shades make all the images look more vivid and bright, and the whole impression looks to be absolutely spectacular! The difference game would be especially appreciated by the girls who like submerging into the details of happy fairy tales. For instance, you will have to find the differences between Rebecca's dresses, necklaces, hair styles or the background view like trees or monsters' faces.

Source by Anastartem V


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