Web Hosting Explained 101


Web hosting is one of the most researched topics on the World Wide Web today. It is one of the few things – if not the most essential thing – you need if you want a website to appear online.

Web hosting is needed once you have finished creating your web page or pages on your personal computer, as you will need to now link them to the Internet. Web hosting is just that: – linking your website from your own computer to the Internet, and this is done via various web hosting companies.

After your purchase of a domain name, this is the only cost to you to get something 'online'. As with traditional businesses needing and using office space, 'virtual' space is rented in much the same way. Some companies are more expensive than others and some are free. They all offer different options and deals.

A lot of hosting companies offer an array of bandwidth options in their hosting plans. You do not need to know too much except that the higher the 'bandwidth' the better as this lowers the risk of your website 'crashing' when under a heavy traffic load. Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that is allowed to happen between your web site and the rest of the Internet.

You can 'rent' this virtual space either annually or monthly, again, much the same as traditional business. With a little research you can find some terrific deals involving free hosting.

If you use the Internet as your full time or part time business, web hosting is one of the crucial steps in helping to be successful.

Source by Jean Rachael


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