Web Hosting Provider Customer Service – How Important?


Web hosting newcomers often think to themselves:

Customer service! – It sounds like a good thing to have ..

If something will ever go wrong (which it probably will not) it would be great to have good customer service.

What? you want me to pay an extra dollar a month for customer service ?! No thanks!

What people do not know is that in the web hosting world good customer service is a must have! When building a site, changing specifications on your server or doing anything else on your web hosting account you may very well face problems ..

For instance, a couple of days ago I uploaded an .htaccess file to my web hosting server and to my surprise it uploaded as gibberish! The filename on the server was something like ///////// htacces /////////, so obviously the next thing I tried to do was delete the file ..

I received a message that the file was deleted, but I saw that it was still there .. I tried to delete it again and again but nothing happened! I then decided to try to outsmart my web server .. Guess what I did .. That's right – I tried to rename the file! Obviously the name I wrote was something like dasdsafda …

I thought that I would be able to delete the file after I renamed it, but guess what … the file now shown as dasdsafda.htaccess //////// and I was still unable to delete it! I then tried various tricks including trying to move the file (did not work), trying to enter the server through a different ftp program (also did not work) ….

Only one thing did work! I logged on to the live chat provided by my web hosting provider and within 15 minutes the problem was solved!

My web server's administrators deleted the file with ease.

That's just how important customer service is .. You will not need good customer service only for big issues, you will need them for small ones as well.

Source by Elad Domb


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