What Are Different Physician Assistant Programs?


Many people misunderstand that doctors and medical assistants are same but they are the different and work with different responsibilities. The medical assistant works both clinical and office secretarial side, and on clinical side the medical assistant perform basic tasks, where physician have major responsibilities. Now talking about the physician assistant (PA) they are more similar to the physician as they work under supervision of the doctors. We should not be confuse thinking them as medical assistants.

A medical PA practices under the supervision of the doctors and surgeons. The physician assistant programs provide training student to diagnose the disease, remedy it accordingly and also provide preventive services to the patients as instructed by the doctors. They also check the patient's medical history, examine, help with the treatments, and check the laboratory reports and x-rays to diagnose the disease. PA also check the minor injuries, they also supervise the technicians and assistants. They also manage the medical tool, materials and equipment ordering new and ask to dispose the contaminated. They can prescribe medicine in 48 state of America.

If you want to become a physician assistant then there are many schools and colleges providing the physician assistant programs the duration may vary due to the institute requirements. There are 2 years and 4 years length programs but all the physician assistants are required to pass the national exam for the license so they can start the practice. The admission requirements are 2 years college with some experiences; however there are some institutions which require the prerequisites for the admission. Most of the students take admission in physician assistant programs where they have background as a registered nurse; others can be technicians, therapists and paramedics. These courses include English, biology, chemistry, social sciences, psychology and the mathematics. To get the certification students have to pass the certification exam that is Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination, this is administrated by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA).

After passing the certification exam, you will be Certified Physician Assistant, to remain certified you have to spend 100 hours in 2 year and you have to reappear in the certification exam after six years. There are great job opportunities for the physician technicians most of the places such as rural areas the physician assistants are working as the physician or those places where doctors can make one or two visits in a week.

The numbers of the jobs are always greater than the number of the students. They work for 40 hours a week in different shifts rotating amongst morning, evening and night shifts, as they work with the doctors so they have to work at the same time a physician coming to both office and hospitals. They usually earn from $ 51,360 to up to $ 110,240. These earnings directly depict the departments and overall pay-scale, and the organization. The variation in the salies is due to the place, organizational structure, State rules and employee's performance as well.

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