What Can I Do to Make Him Want to Be My Boyfriend? Follow This & It Will All Get Real Easy


The first step in any major operation is setting your sights and knowing where to aim. Since you're already reading this article, it's safe to assume you have the perfect guy in mind and you've got your laser sights set right on him.

So how do you seal the deal and make him your official boyfriend? More importantly, is there anything you can do to make him want to be your boyfriend?

Determine His "Guy Type"

How do you go about initiating a serious relationship with this guy will heavily depend on what kind of guy he is. This will be the case where or not you actually know what type he is and how to best make it happen, so you might as well take advantage of knowledge that's out there!

The Old-Fashioned Man's Man

This guy is both the easiest and the hardest to get into a serious relationship. This is because you have to avoid initiating anything yourself, always letting him take the lead (or at least making him believe he has the lead).

He wants something to chase, that something being you. As long as you do not make anything too easy on him, you have a shot.

The Hipster / Weirdo Type

Truthfully, with this guy, all bets are off. You have to play everything by ear and a process of trial and error.

The benefit, however, is that he is too cool to ever hold a grudge. So no matter what you screw up, you are almost guaranteed another shot.

With this guy, he's mostly image-centered anyway. You can bond over anything that is visually beautiful and stimulating, but he is not usually decent boyfriend material.

The Artist

Ah yes, the Artist: the less-pretty but 100% authentic version of the Hipster.

This guy is great because you do not have to follow any rules at all. He lives life in the gray area and in a weirder area beyond gray that you've never even heard of.

Keep in mind, if you can not handle a guy who is unpredictable and likely to be far more emotional and sensitive than you, pass the Artist up and keep on shopping for your next boyfriend.

If You Try Hard, You Will Die Hard

The bottom line no matter what type of guy you're trying to snag is that desperation is not sexy; it does not look good on any of us. So do not ever wear it.

Also, you can not make anyone want anything. The real word of this question should be: "How do I Let Go of Fear and Inhibitions, Be Myself, and Get a New Boyfriend?"

See? Now that, you have perfect control over. What you do not control is how anyone else quite feels about you.

Play the Opposites Game

Because our sex and dating lives most often go just the opposite of where we want them to, it's wise to always be playing the "Opposites Game" in your head as if you never even grow out of age 9.

For instance, if you want a particular guy to want you and want to be your boyfriend, then state the exact opposite of this in your head: "I do not want him to want me. be my boyfriend. "

The idea is not buy into anything superstitious; all you need this for is something cute to make you laugh and remind you that life is for fun and not to be taken too seriously. Dating is a very silly game in and of itself, and by playing an equally silly one like the Opposites Game with yourself, you will be able to keep this in mind and take everything in stride.

YOU Are the Prize

Sometimes women can develop serious "hero worship" when they have a big enough crush on someone; the guy can do no wrong.

More females need to keep in mind that the way to stay untouched and on top in the world of dating and relationships, you absolutely MUST view yourself as a prize to be won. It's just that simple.

Source by Krista Hiles


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