What is Clan Hosting?


Clan web hosting offers servers and software that are tailor to clan or guild needs. Clan hosting is different than a gaming server. Clan or guild hosting focuses on offering communication tools and applications and other necessary components for your guild or clan.

Choosing this service will benefit your clan or guild while your group is a small, hobby group or a large, corporate organization. Gaming groups of all types and sizes are finding that clan web hosting is a better networking solution than trying to force another model to work for their needs.

There are many reasons why you should consider web hosting for your gaming group. It is always easier to choose the right tool for the right job than to use the wrong tool for the job. Choosing a good, clan hosting provider means you will have a hosting provider who understands your needs. Because clan or guild hosting providers understand the communications needs of gaming communities and they are able to tailor the hosting options to your clan or guild needs. Software that is popular for gaming group websites like forums, bulletin boards, chat and other communications software are likely to be included or easily configured with your clan hosting package. Even if your guild or clan does not need all of these options now it still makes good sense to positioned yourself to expand in the future. Choosing a good clan hosting provider now can save you a lot of trouble in the future if your clan grows larger or decides to begin using new features. Gaming often drives the technology world so it is always a good idea to be positioned to expand for the future.

Clan web hosting is just as reliable as traditional hosting options. Guild or clan packages use the same, powerful servers as business-class hosting solutions. The software and server configuration is just optimized for the communication needs of gaming groups. In fact, using clan host provider may be more reliable in the long run because much, if not all, of the software you will need is probably pre-installed. Many technical problems that arise when running a website are a result of incompatible scripts or programs. Choosing a hosting solution that already provides everything you need eliminates the need for installing untested applications. Clan host providers are also probably in a better position to provide technical support to gamers than a traditional business or personal hosting provider would be. Sooner or later something is likely to go wrong. How much better to be aligned with a service provider that understands your hosting needs when you do have a problem?

Clan hosting costs no more than traditional business or personal hosting. The prices vary, or course, based on disk space, bandwidth, and the level of support that is included with the hosting package. However, clan hosting is very competitive with any other hosting options available.

Source by William Ellis


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