What is Global Domains International Or GDI?


GDI is Global Domains International, is a company that sells the ".ws" domain name extension globally and has been doing so for nearly over 8 years. GDI has a community of thousands of individuals in every country on the planet.

If you want an extra few hundred dollars per month or you want to develop a full time six-figure income. GDI provides you the tools to turn your desire into reality. People world wide are receiving and receiving monthly pay checks from GDI that are constantly growing.

What are the benefits of being apart of GDI? There are many, you can earn an outstanding income. This is directly related to the number of people you present the opportunity to. You direct them to your short GDI Flash Movie Online. Your Flash Movie never makes a mistake and it's available 24/7, 7 days per week. You will have a special link that is pre-coded with your username and you'll get credit when someone joins, and you are given several websites for your uses.

How do you start approaching immediately? Very simple, you will start out with a domain name registration with a 7 day free trail. When this elapses, you will be charged a $ 10.00 a month. This includes, URL forwarding, 10 emails accounts, a website builder and web hosting.

You are paid $ 1.00 per domain that is registered in your team. You refer 5 customers and you receive $ 5.00 a month, if they do the same you get $ 25.00 and if it lasts through 5 levels, that's $ 3,125.00 a month. GDI has contest and numerous bonus for their members. GDI has a great product, domains are in high demand and it's not a scam!

GDI has a genuine product and services and web hosting. There are several program that are set up to advertise GDI for you, programs like Turbo GDI and Hit2U, and both are cost effective. With GDI, you can create a residual income for life that continues to grow with your efforts. As with any business, it requires dedication on your part to make it grow. This is a perfect home based business for anyone.

Remember, success in anything requires work, with GDI you are given the tools to create success. GDI is an affiliate marketing business and the system is the most powerful and the greatest opportunity in the virtual world. It combines MLM structure and Internet affiliate marketing to attain goals of making money online.

Source by Alma Adams


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