What is VPS Hosting?


Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the hosting of separate entities for different customers in a single server. This technology allows the provider to partition and create multiple virtual servers from one physical server. Customers would share the server which includes the hardware itself and the connection. However, they would enjoy the benefits almost similar to dedicated hosting such as their private operating system and file system, allowing freedom of accessibility and security. Here, this configuration can be considered as an environment in between a shared and a dedicated hosting. Ultimately, an advanced performance and privacy can be achieved at a lesser cost than for a dedicated hosting.

In terms of control, customers would be able to access administrative tasks such as changing server configurations, installing software, hosting multiple sites and rebooting the server. Thus it is imperative that customers who require greater accessibility and security of their server to opt for this type of account. If you are planning to move from a shared to a dedicated environment without having to incur significant rise of costs, the logical step is to move to VPS hosting server first. With the price dropping to as low as $ 10 per month for some providers, this service is definitely a worthy proposition for a lot of users. Since the operating system and file system are separate for each customer, users can expect a guaranteed share of the server in terms of CPU, disk input / output and network.

For those intending to do reseller hosting, you will be able to have more control on the services that you can offer, therefore having the edge over other sellers in the market. For web developers who plan to set up a social networking website or function-rich blogs, VPS hosting would be a suitable option. It is also a good choice for webmasters who are already comfortable with managing a shared hosting and intend to upgrade their skills on server management, without being exposed to the risks of running a fully dedicated server. Webmasters would be able to install custom applications or change modules for the server. They would also be able to enjoy guaranteed security over the websites that they manage since every virtual private server environment has its own software to run its hosting and is allocated its own portion of resources, hence reducing possibilities of intrusion.

In summary, Virtual Private Server hosting is the perfect solution for customers who want the control and flexibility of dedicated hosting at a cost similar to shared hosting. With this technology that enables webmasters to enjoy the best of both worlds, it is indeed a great value proposition.

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