Why Do Girls Cheat on Their Boyfriends?


It's one major ego breaker. We guys are more likely to cheat on our girlfriends but what if it happens the other around around? That is totally heartbreaking. Not to say though that it's less heartbreaking for the girls when their boyfriends cheat on them. Cheating is not right, period. That's even reason enough to break-up. Below are some reasons why girls take the road to infidelity. And for you to do something before that happens!

o Boredom . Yes, girls are capable of that. Even if they talk a lot and create a lot of drama all at the same time, they can be bored in a relationship. So find something exciting and memorable thing to do together everyday. Even if it's just a call or send to her message reminding her how much you love her, that's more than enough.

o Unfinished business . Does your girl have an ex she's been trying to get over with for the longest time? If this was not settled, then it could be one reason why she would suddenly cheat on you. Maybe she finds something missing in your relationship that she's still longing for from the other guy. You're only option here, sadly, is to break-up with her. You do not want to be someone who is thinking of someone else.

o No drama . Are you becoming too predictable? Are you both always happy? Do you do the same things and talk about the same things? Sounds like you both should find something to fight about. Really! Not kidding. Drama adds spice to a relationship and fights will make your bond stronger.

o Too nice boyfriend . Saying yes to your every girl's whim will definitely urge them to cheat. Make them realize your value and make it two-way. It's a give and take relationship. It's not your job to just give and give. Demand from time to time and make her work her way up to your rewards. At the same time, realize her worth. Being nice is nice but too much is definitely not a good idea.

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Source by Mark J Taylor


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