Why You Must Obedience Train Your Dog!


Most people bring home their first puppy with out having thought through on how they will be training them. If you take a little time to plan out the process you will end up with a friend and memories that will last you a life time.

If you do not spend some time in obedience training your dog you will end up with behavioral problems that will frustrate you and your pet and will take a lot more time and effort to break them from doing than the time you would have spent getting you and your pet started off on the right foot.

Wolves and dogs are in the same family. Like wolves, dogs are pack animals too. They have a pack or family and in the pack they have a structure that they will follow. They will have a leader and followers that will operate on various levels within the pack. The leader will be responsible for leading the pack and deciding were and what they will do and what the rules are how they will have to be obeyed. When you bring home your new dog or puppy your family will be their pack.

This is why it is important that you provide structure and training for the new dog or puppy in your home. Instinctively they will try to gain the position as the leader in your house. If you do not provide the structure and training that is necessary for them thy will end up dominating your family and home. This will lead to unwanted behavioral problems that often times leaves the owners overwhelmed and frustrated.

If you have a rule about not feeding the puppy at the table and you start slipping them a bite here and there or have a rule about what they can do or not do but occasionally you will let them get away with unwanted behavior you will always have them pushing and testing these boundaries seeing that you have not set the boundaries in stone. Stay firm and stay with the rules and boundaries that you have set for your pet to avoid confusing them. Along with obedience training your pet you will also be able to begin incorporated basic training with them. You can begin with sit, heel and down. If you are working with a puppy you will want to wait till they are older to teach them to stay. It takes a lot of confidence for a dog to properly hold a stay command so wait till you have their confidence built up and you have worked with them for a while. The time you spend in obedience training your dog or puppy will be time well spent. You will strengthen and build a strong bond between you. You will also be able to give them additional exercise and training which will keep them from becoming bored and restless. Once they become bored they will revert to destructive behavior. Spend a few minutes a day working with your best friend and you will create memories for a lifetime!

Source by Jason Beachy


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