WordPress and Web Hosting for Your Business


"A web host is a service provider that places your web site on a computer which is connected to the Internet … it is set up to serve up websites and is there called a" server "."

If you want a website, you need to host it. A lack of hosting gives potential viewers no chance of seeing your site. You would not buy a car and then refuse to put gas in it. My latest web-search for keywords web hosting produced about 240,000,000 results. Obviously, we are talking about a buyer's market.

You buy web-hosting in packages, on a monthly or yearly basis. Certain requirements are met in any package, but customization is essentially endless based on the unique needs of your site. Knowing the right terms can help you evaluate packages and their relative pricing. You never want to pay for features you do not use.

Web-space is the storage (in Megabytes) required by your site to hold all its content. It is dependent on the style and functions of your site. If you are creating a new site, keep in mind what functions you want to add, and consult your designer to ensure an efficient site is developed. A site calling for database or application support will require much more usage and transfer space.

Traffic (MB / month) is the other main part of any hosting package. This is the amount of traffic your site will be allowed to support. Your carrying capacity will depend on how many users you have, and what they are doing while on the site. Uploading files or streaming video will require higher bandwidth, so try to predict not only what your site needs today, but what it might want to offer in the future. When in doubt, always get more server capacity than you think you will need.

Other features also come with most business level packages. Sub domains (yxz.yourdomain.tld) ​​allow you to have an organized and comprehensive site. Email Accounts give your business an official presence by providing uniform contact information within the organization. Database content management is also available. MySQL-Database is a popular open-source program supported by certain hosting servers. WordPress is a popular open source software that allows you to easily manage and update your website.

Business hosting typically requires more space and therefore a larger hosting expense. To ensure smooth operation, it is critical to pay attention to your sites hosting requirements. Understanding these needs will help you control the monthly cost of unused server space.

You can get basic, single page hosting for less than a dollar a month. But for a site to grow, it must have adequate hosting capacity. Nothing is worse for your sites image than to be down or not working smoothly. An unriable site will drive away potential customers, and makes your business appear unprofessional. If your business depends on the site for E-commerce or working space, a server crash can grind business to a halt.

A reliable web-host and the adequate server space will keep your site up and running smoothly. Look for a host that offers 99.9 percent up time; servers with redundant high speed Internet connections; and backup power, by generator AND battery. To protect your site from costly downtime, you will want a web host with real-time support to get you back online right away.

Source by Ernesto Lee


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