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Over the past decade Internet has zoomed to the top as the most popular medium for information exchange. It has metamorphosized from being a high end technology mastered only by a few to a backyard welcoming every one. The reason for surge in its fame is because of its widespread reach and ease of utility. Right from a businessman to a blogger, everyone can use it to his advantage without having to about its complex operating manner.

The increase in number of people using internet has made it an efficient way for reaching out new audiences, created an interest in people with such kind of requirements. Doing this is easy. You do not have to be a technological buff. Anyone can create a web site. The tough job is to make it available to the targeted audience.

This is where this article comes to the rescue. We are intent to help you with information regarding 'Web Hosting'. Web hosting means hosting your web ie, placing your web site and its contents at key locations to make it accessible globally to anyone connected to internet. Such locations, technically referred to as Servers, are huge computers capable of performing many calculations and servicing multiple clients simultaneously. The places where these servers are placed are called as 'Data Centers'. Servers can not be owned by a common man, they are very expensive, and besides that, they need special care and maintenance, which requires an entrained team of specialists.

Looks complicated, right? But there are organizations that can help you in this regard. These organizations have a network of data centers located at various locations. These organizations are called as web hosts. They provide resources such as disk space, RAM etc to host your web site onto their server in return for a fixed pay.

There are several types of web hosting; Such as shared web hosting, where a single server is shared among many users who compete for resources. This is a very cost effective method of web hosting but sufferers from many disadvantages, one of them being a scenario where the resources are occupied by a single user for a huge chunk of time. The other type of web hosting service is dedicated web hosting server. Here every user gets individual server for their usage. There are few companies that provide another unique web hosting service called reseller web hosting. Here you can buy services from the company and sell it to your clients under your brand name, at price profitable to you.

There are many companies in the market who provide various packages. You can choose any one of them and due to competition between web hosts; you get services at very competitive prices. But confirm that there are no hidden costs; they can be a real pain.

Source by Radhakrishnan K Gurudas


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